Ubuntu Communities is a group of organizations rooted in early childhood education, consultation & training, media, and play facilities.
Happy, healthy, and inspired communities make the world a better place.
To cultivate happy, healthy, and inspired communities through meaningful learning experiences rooted in the values of high quality early childhood development.
Training, Consultation, Media
An innovative early childhood and family learning center based in Ann Arbor, MI.
An early childhood play facility and cafe.

What we do

Ubuntu Communities is a training, consulting and media organization which operates as the outward facing vehicle of change and creation for the U School and PlaySpot.

Our aim is to help people build schools from the ground up, and to help educators, parents and existing educational programs get better by implementing the Ubuntu Communities Approachâ„¢ to Early Childhood Education.


Creating impact and changing education through Ubuntu Power

Visit our TRAINING CATALOG for more information and details about each of our wide-ranging trainings. (Or click here to download a PDF version.)

All of our trainings are approved through MiRegistry. MI-based early childhood and school-age educators can earn professional development hours that count towards annual PD licensing requirements, as well as towards the Great Start to Quality star rating program.

Our intention is to work with organizations, schools and educators to deliver meaningful content. All trainings can be tailored to fit your needs in terms of schedule and target audiences. Contact Ryan Brown at ryan@ubuntucommunities.com if you’d like to learn more!


Spreading love with the Ubuntu Communities Approachâ„¢ & building new schools

Ubuntu Communities offers specialized consultation in the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • School Startups
  • Cultural Transformations Using the Power of Ubuntu
  • Child Care Center Licensing

All training packages can be paired with ongoing consultation check-ins and follow-ups to continually to support organizations and educators on their learning journey. Consultation services can also be tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact Ryan Brown at ryan@ubuntucommunities.com for requests.

Media & Content

Creating content, products and technology for change

Many of our training courses offer written content and supplemental materials to further support curriculum. These products help to concretely embed the Ubuntu Communities Approachâ„¢ in everyday classroom settings and practices.

For rates, questions or general dialogue regarding any of our Training or Consultation services please contact:

Ryan Brown
For Media & Content rates, questions or general business inquiries please contact:

Jackson Perry
We'd love to hear from you!