Building Bridges Using the Power of Ubuntu

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What is Building Bridges?

An early childhood or school-age learning community is an extremely complex environment with many unique needs and wants for all stakeholders—parents, teachers, children, administrative staff, center owners, board members, community partners, etc. Ryan Brown, co-founder and director of the U School, shares how the power of Ubuntu can help build supportive bridges for all.

Beyond education organizations, Ryan can tailor this training for any organization type and demonstrate the benefits that the power of Ubuntu can deliver for all stakeholders.

Ubuntu (/oo-boon-too/) has its origins in the Bantu language of southern Africa. “I am because you are.” A philosophy of humanism, emphasizing the link between the individual and the collective group. Ubuntu seeks to unite individuals, while respecting their autonomy, for the betterment of the group.

Early childhood and school-age educators can receive 3 hours of professional development on MiRegistry!

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Early childhood and school-age educators can receive 3 hours of professional development on MiRegistry!

About Ryan Brown

Ryan has more than 25 years of experience in the field of education, with 20+ years of that being in leadership and management roles. Starting off as a first grade basketball coach, Ryan has built his career as an innovative and well-respected early childhood and school-age educator. His  passion for working with children, teachers, and families combined with his engaging stories of past experience translate into powerful, inspiring, and informative guidance for others.

After earning a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Administration and Leadership from the University of Michigan—Dearborn, Ryan cofounded the U School in Ann Arbor, MI where he has served as the Executive Director for 8 years. He is also the cofounder and Managing Partner of Ubuntu Communities, continuing to serve as Lead Trainer to offer training and consulting opportunities to early childhood organizations and educators around the world.

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